‘Its Better Ladies Remain Single & Have Kids Than To Be With A Man’- Actress, Ifu Ennada

Award winning Nigerian actress, Ifu Ennada has advised that ladies remain single & have kids of their own rather than be in a relationship with a man.

The Lagos-Born actress gave out these words on her official Instagram stories where she revealed men to be cheating bastards.

According to her, no man is faithful & good ladies should just consider themselves by making their own money & living a life of their own.

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She wrote;

Men will embarrass you! I have finally come to the conclusion that no man is faithful. I swear men will embarrass you for small P*ssy and b*bs.

No good lady deserves to be with a stupid ass, shameless, cheating, bastard. Better to remain single and have kids by yourself if you really want kids. Just make your money, live your own life.