Jay Boogie And 4 Other Transgenders Who Look Like The Gender They Profess

Transgenders may not be completely acceptable in our immediate society, but it does not mean that they do not strive to belong or seek freedom of expression.

However, among the transgenders in Nigeria who transformed from being males to females or from being females to males or perhaps just preferred to be addressed as feminine, a few of them look exactly what they professed. In some cases, they look incredibly real; you will surely believe they are exactly the gender they professed.

Here are some of them below:

1. Jay Boogie 

Formerly known as Daniel Anthony, the Port Harcourt born social media influencer has decided to transform his gender for a long time but came into the limelight around 2000.

Since then, Jay Boogie has posted a series of captivating pictures on his Instagram and other social media handles.

If you have never read or heard about her previously, you must accept she’s the gender she professes. She looks so real, doesn’t she? 

2. Noni Salma

Noni Salma whose real name was Habeeb Babatunde Lawal is another transgender who looks as real as the gender she has transformed into.

She is one individual who believes that the decision to transform from a man to a woman is personal, which no one should interfere in.

Currently, she is in New York where she continues to trade her film making career, after deserting Nigeria for fear that she might be persecuted for having a woman’s appearance in a man’s body. 

3. Miss saHHara

Reports had it that Miss “saHHara”, formerly known as Clifford Oche, has contested for a beauty pageant and even became a second runner-up before. But not many had known until she was able to reveal her real identity.

Who would have doubted her though, because her transformation looks so real.

She has also left Nigeria for the UK because she felt that not many were ready to understand and respect her feelings as well as decisions.

4. Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose whose real name was Dapo Adaralegbe is another bigger profile in the transgender world.

However, her gain (personal) is not without pain, as she had gone “under the knife” to change her sêx from being a man to a woman. 

5. James Brown 

The fast-rising crossdresser James “Brown” Obialor whose main career is dancing and comedy came into the limelight in 2018. 

His fame also emanated from the series of feminine posts on his social handle, a situation which had even led to his war of words with another popular transgender in the person of Bobrisky.