Kill Them With Kindness And Rise Above The Noise – DJ Cuppy Savagely Says After Another Alleged She’s Owing Him Since 2016

Billionaire daughter DJ Cuppy has savagely replied to all those alleging that she’s owing them upon all her father’s money asking them to free her from their super story.

Cuppy after being called fake by Isreal DMW for not paying Zlatan a dime after their hit song and his support at her fundraising has been accused by another for owing him.

According to the anonymous person, Cuppy is owing him and some other entrepreneurs since 2016 for a work they did for her thinking she’s a billionaire daughter so she doesn’t need to pay for anything.

And Cuppy replying to all these allegations asked those accusing her to free her from their super story as she has learned to kill them with kindness and rise above all the noise they are making.

Screenshot below;