Lady In Jubilation Mood As She Hails The Holy Spirit As She Marks 7 Months Anniversary Since She Stopped M@sturbating

Lady In Jubilation Mood As She Hails The Holy Spirit As She Marks 7 Months Anniversary Since She Stopped M@sturbating

A Nigerian young lady is in a jubilation mood after being able to avoid m@sturbating for seven months.

The lady is identified as Yetunde Abimbola and taking to her Twitter handle, she suggested that she was so addicted to the act.

However, she must courage to stop and it has been seven months and nothing has actually happened to her.

Taking to her Instagram handle, she wrote;

“I stopped masturbating 7 months ago.
I can’t even imagine myself doing it anymore.
One of my small wins

I started masturbating at a really young age. Really glad I could overcome

Discipline – I know you’ve heard this before.
God – There were times I say this short prayer “holy spirit, please help me to sleep”
My partner”


Some reactions her post received are;

@DanielRegha – Being able to conquer masturbation is a big win both spiritually & physically. Most people especially chronic masturbators have been trying to do same but are yet to achieve this cos masturbation can be very addictive. It takes determination & prayers. Masturbation is dem¤nic.

@aqinolq – You need not be proud of that. You should work hard, get married and have kids. When you have responsibilities, such things wont come to mind and If you don’t take a growth step concerning your life, you might relapse.

@greyglamma – Congrats on your win Does stopping it make the urge go away? How do you quench or satisfy the need when it comes? I ask cos many say masturbation is evil, yet they engage in promiscuity and adultery. If satisfying a natural need by, with and for yourself is a sin, then I

@soulride55 – Some people who worry that masturbation conflicts with their religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs may experience feelings of guilt. However, masturbation is not immoral or wrong, and self-pleasure is not shameful.. all the same a big win for you..

@KingSolomonVibe – This month makes it 6yrs I stopped smoking, I smoked for 3 months until one day I smoked and choked…that was when I realised it’s not for me. I didn’t conquer it, it conquered me