List Of Nigerian Musicians With The Most Expensive Mansions

Nigerian Musicians With The Most Expensive Mansions

The Nigeria Music Industry is the most lucrative, booming and decorated music industry in Africa currently. The country’s entertainment industry has taken over all other entertainment industry in Africa and one of the pivotal sectors, the Nigerian Music Industry.

When you mention Africa Music on the international stage, the first that comes to mind is Nigeria Music. In fact, there are far gone leaving behind it neighboring countries like the Ghana Music Industry, Kenyan Music Industry, Tanzania and other Africa countries trying to compete with that of the Nigeria Music Industry.

As the industry booms and extends it territories to international music market, the active players especially the Nigerian Musicians are harvesting the fruits of their hard work. We have lived and saw how Nigerian Musicians have been amassing wealth and enriching themselves through Music; the Nigerian Music Industry.

In this post, we are listing Nigerian Musicians with the most expensive mansions.

1 Davido

Born David Adedeji Adeleke and known professionally in the music industry as Davido is the richest Nigerian Musicians currently. It’s no wonder because Davido is one of the leading African Musicians selling in millions of records and shows international.

Davido’s N5 Billion Banana Island Mansion

The Davido Music World Wide (DMW) label owner owned a multi-million dollar house where he was previously residing. In 2020, Davido decided to add more accolades to his living house and bought himself a new mansion in Banana Island in Lagos State. The place mostly referred to as the Billionaires paradise in Nigeria.

Davido’s Banana Island mansion is pegged at $1.5M approximately N5 billion and this puts him on top of Nigerian Musicians with the most expensive mansions in the Nigerian Music Industry.

2 Mr. P

Born Peter Okoye but known professionally in the music industry as Mr. P was one of the former most powerful and influential music group P Square which was formed with his twin brother Paul Okoye also known now as Rude Boy.

Mr. P’s mansion is estimated to cost N1.5B and located at Banana Island where the likes of Nigerian billionaires like Dangote lives.

Mr P N1.5 Billion Banana Island Mansion

Continue to watch the video below to see all the list of Nigerian Musicians who owns expensive mansions.