Meet 3 Nollywood Actresses That Are Currently Nurses In USA (Photos)

1. Vivian Egbon

Vivian Egbon is a Nigerian actress and nurse. She rose to prominence after her leading performance in the nollywood movie, Where Ocean Touch.

Vivian is currently a certified nurse in the United States of America.

2. Regina Askia-Williams

Regina Askia-Williams is a Nigerian actress, model, and nurse practitioner. She first gained wide recognition in Nigeria after emerging as the winner of the 1989 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.

She made her breakthrough acting debut with her leading role as Tokunbo Johnson in the critically acclaimed Nigerian soap opera, Fortunes.

A graduate of nursing from Wagner College, Staten Island, New York City, Askia is presently working as a registered nurse in United States of America.

3. Chinny Ahaneku

Chinny Chukwu Ahaneku is a nollywood actress, director, and nurse. She is particularly known for her outstanding role as Alice in the 2006 Nigerian epic movie, Alice my first lady.

Chinny is currently living in the United States of America where she works as a nurse.