Meet All 6 Children Of Popular Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie(Photos)

There are lots of entertainers who are blessed with grown-up children who are also making waves in their areas of specialization. One of the legendary actors with grown-up children is Pete Edochie.

In this article, you will be meeting the grown-up children of the famous legendary actor, Pete Edochie.

1- Leo Edochie 

Leo Edochie is Pete Edochie’s first child and first son. Unlike his father, Leo didn’t choose to go into the entertainment industry.

He is instead an engineer who works in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the procurement of specialized tools.

2- Uche Edochie 

Uche is the second child of Pete Edochie. Uche took from his father’s creative gene but not in the acting department. The young man is a renowned painter and a visit to his Instagram page attests to it.

3- Lincoln Edochie

Lincoln Edochie aka Linc Edochie is Pete’s third son. He took a lot from his father’s creative genes. Linc is an actor, director, and scriptwriter who started professionally acting in 1995.

4- Gene Edochie

Gene Edochie is the fourth son of Nollywood legend Pete Edochie. He is not known by the public because he is not into the entertainment business. He is a gentleman and loves to live a peaceful and quiet life.

5- Pete Edochie Only Daughter

The young lady is one of the famous actor’s children who is unknown to the general public. Therefore, nothing much is known about her.

The only reason we know she exists is because of the family pictures of the entire Pete Edochie family which shows all six children.

See the photo below;

6- Yul Edochie

Yul is the most known of the Edochie brothers. The young man is the last son and child of the family.

Yul Edochie also followed his father’s footsteps in becoming a successful actor.

Ensure to drop a word of prayer for the Edochie family.