Meet The Adorable Daughter Of Actress Mimi Orjiekwe (photos)

Have you seen the beautiful daughter of Actress Mimi Orjiekwe? Well the beautiful Actress has a beautiful daughter that is growing really fast. Mimi Orjiekwe is a mother of one. She is blessed with a beautiful and adorable daughter named Jasmine. Jasmine is an exact replica of her mother.

Mimi Orjiekwe was married to fellow actor Charles Billion. Even though their marriage didn’t last, it was worth it. They would look at their beautiful daughter and thank God for such a precious gift. Mimi Orjiekwe’s daughter look more like her. She took of her mother’s gene. She is light in complexion like her mother. She is just a mini Mimi Orjiekwe.

Mimi Orjiekwe’s daughter is growing rapidly. She is one cute little princess. Mimi Orjiekwe is one proud mother who doesn’t joke with her daughter. She doesn’t fail to flaunt her on social media. She even created an instagram page for her. The beautiful Princess has her own instagram page with about 30 thousand followers.

Mimi Orjiekwe is a beautiful Nollywood Actress from Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State. She was born and bred in Lagos Nigeria. She is presently based in Lagos. She speaks Igbo and English languages fluently. Mimi Orjiekwe is one the best Actresses to come out of Enugu State.

Mimi Orjiekwe is a beautiful Actress that has made her mark in the movie industry. She features more in urban Nollywood movies. She is a very good and talented Actress. She is blessed with great acting skills. Mimi Orjiekwe is very versatile. She is doing absolutely great as an Actress. She has featured in over two hundred Nollywood movies.

Mimi Orjiekwe is not just an Actress. She is an Entrepreneur. She is a beauty product Entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Flawless By Mimi. Mimi Orjiekwe is doing great as an Entrepreneur. Her business is moving well. She is making big money. She is equally doing great with her acting career and as well running her business well.

Mimi Orjiekwe is doing great taking good care of her beautiful daughter Jasmine. She is a single mother, but that doesn’t deter her from giving her daughter the best. Mimi Orjiekwe and her adorable daughter are bonding well. They have a good mother and daughter relationship. Check out some of her beautiful pictures below.

As you can see, Mimi Orjiekwe is taking good care of her beautiful daughter. She is one little cute and adorable princess.