Meet The Wives Of Some Famous Nigerian Comic Actors (photos)

There are lots of Nigerian actors who have helped in putting smiles In our faces through the hilarious characters they play in movies. Most Nigerian comic actors like Nkem Owoh (Osuofia), Victor Osuagu, Imeh Bishop (Okon Lagos), etc., are married and blessed with kids.

However, You will be meeting the wives of some favorite Nigerian comic actors who are making waves in the entertainment industry.

#1. Imeh Bishop Umoh (Okon Lagos)

Okon Lagos is one of the most successful Nollywood comic actors who have achieved a lot in the entertainment industry. The movie star is married to his beautiful wife, Idara Bishop. Their Union is blessed with lovey children. See pictures of the movie star and his wife.

#2. Charles Inojie

Charles Inojie is a multi-talented Nollywood actor, comedian, movie producer, and entrepreneur. The Edo State-born actor has been featured in lots of Nollywood movies and has won several movie awards and recognition. Some of his fans know nothing about his married life.

The movie star is one of the comic actors that are happily married. He is married to a beautiful woman known as Obehi Obhiseh and their marriage is blessed with cute children. Check out the pictures of the movie star and his wife.

#3. Chiwetelu Agu

Chiwetelu Agu is one of the most talented movie stars in Nigerian. The legendary actor has been featured in over 150 Nigerian movies. The multi-talented actor has impressed his fans with the hilarious characters he plays in movies and his ability to interpreting any role given to him.

The movie star is currently married to Nkechi Agu and his marriage is blessed with wonderful children. See pictures of him and his beautiful wife.

#4. John Okafor (Mr. Ibu)

Popular Nollywood actor, John Okafor is one of the most talented Nollywood actors who have impressed their fans with the funny roles they plays in movies. The Enugu State-born actor is currently married to Stella Maris Okafor, who is also a Nollywood actress and movie producer. Their marriage is blessed with lovely children.

#5. Ayodeji Richard Makun (A.Y)

Ayodeji Makun is famously known as A.Y. He is a Nigerian actor, comedian, media personality, movie producer, and director. The Ondo State-born star is a popular actor who has been featured in lots of comic movies. Some of his movies include 30 Days in Atlanta, A Trip to Jamaica, 10 Days in Sun City, etc.

Ayodeji got married to his beautiful wife, Mabel Makun in 2008. See pictures of him and his wife below.