“Money Is Good”- This 21-Year-Old Footballer Was Mocked And Called Ugly, But Look At Him Now (See Photos)

“Money is good”- This footballer was mocked and called ugly, but look at him now

One thing i know for sure is that nobody is ugly. After reading footballer Kreplin Diatta’s story, you know what I’m talking about.

Kreplin Diatta is a Senegalese footballer who plays for the Senegalese National Team. During the last World Cup competition, after Diatta was subbed off in the match, then some fans were saying this player looks really ugly. He heard them saying this and it made him feel bad, Infact he actually cried. He said he felt bad because his fellow African brothers and sisters were calling him ugly.

A model even said that if she’s paid 50 million dollars to get married to him, she will not still get married to him because he is too ugly. This caused a lot of controversy then, as a lot of people came in defend him and blasted her. African football legend, Didier Drogba also advised the player, saying he shouldn’t think about all what people are saying.

When photo of Diatta and his girlfriend went viral online, people started saying the girl was too beautiful to date him. They accused her of dating him because of his money.

Like they say, no condition is permanent. Kreplin Diatta is now enjoying his money and he is already looking really good. From his photos that you\’re going to be seeing below, you will see that his appearance is already looking different and he is now looking finer. Truly, “money is good”.

This is a reminder to let you know that if you are feeling that you are ugly, tell yourself that “you are not ugly and when money comes, you will also be looking very beautiful or handsome”.

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