My back is broken – Mercy Johnson prays for mums as she plays role of fufu seller on movie set (video)

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has fully returned back to her acting career after she took a maternity break. The actress recently shared a video on her official Instagram page that saw her playing the role of a woman hawking Nigerian staple food called fufu.

In the video, the mother of four placed a big transparent bowl of fufu on her head as she walks around. Her role seemed to have opened her eyes to what some women who hawk fufu and still back their children, go through.

The film star stated that her back was paining her after walking around for a while. She then went on to pray for women whose primary job is to hawk various items to fend for their families.

She said:

“I’m on set where I am playing a fufu seller and then it just occurred to me like, God bless all mums. So, somebody will carry this big bowl and still back a child and then walk around. We carry it and we do it so well. God bless every single woman out there that is working so hard. May God crown our every effort with success.”

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