Nigerian Crossdresser’s Mom Begs Him To Change: 2 Things To Note In His Mom’s Message

A US-based Nigerian cross-dresser shared the message his mom sent to him on Twitter. The cross-dresser identified as Cherryprecum on Twitter, screenshot the message his mom sent to him, and this has sparked up various reactions on Twitter.

The message his mom sent to him was about his lifestyle. His mom told him that she was not happy with the way he was putting on female dresses, and he should go back to dressing like the man he was.

His mom attached old photos of him when he wasn’t a cross-dresser. She added that even his dad who is now late won’t be happy with his new style of dressing.

The Twitter user who seems not to be cool with the message posted it on Twitter.

As much as people are sharing different opinions on this, there are two things to note in his mom’s message.

1. She was correcting him with love.

This is something every parent need to learn. When you see your children doing what you don’t want them to do. The best thing is to correct them with love.

Not by using harsh words on them or condemning them and making them feel worthless.

The mother of this cross-dresser ended the message reassuring her child that even though she is not happy with what he is currently into, she still loves him as her son.

Even though the cross-dresser doesn’t seem to be cool with the message. He will still ponder on that part of the message because a mother’s love is not something to be toyed with.

2. She has a strong faith

It’s all over the message that the mom is supporting him in prayers, and she strongly believes that his son could still have a change of heart someday. She hasn’t given up on her child, and she said in the message that she is handling him to God, and she believes He will change his heart.

Involving God when correcting one’s child is vital, which is what exactly his mom did.