No One Is Above Blocking! Wizkid’s 9-Year-Old Son Bolu Speaks His Mind In A Video

Singer Wizkid’s son, Boluwatife Balogun, recently had a lot to say to people who have criticized him in recent days after they saw him rapping in a video that appeared online.

The young man who was joined by his mother, Shola Ogudu, decided to broach the subject and made it clear that he would never perform but was simply exploring his talents as someone who knows how to sing.

Tife pointed out that if people keep making it look like they’re showing off, then he’d have no choice but to rub it on their face.

“I don’t like when people say ‘he’s showing off.’ I’m embracing my talent with you guys. Because if you make it look like I’m showing off, I’ll rub it in your face and I’ve never done that before.”

In a different part of the video, the little man pointed out that people who are sad or depressed should not talk to other people, but should simply find a way to talk about their emotions.

Tife also added that if there are people who don’t like him, he doesn’t like those people. He made it clear that those people will be blocked from his social media pages as no one is above the block.

Watch video below: