Pere Is Forcing His Friendship On Me, He is Exhibiting Suic!dal Behaviors – Saga Tells Nini

Saga, a BBNaija housemate, has revealed that Pere Egbi, a fellow housemate, is struggling from loneliness and is displaying behaviors that indicate he needs attention.

Saga revealed this during a conversation with Nini, his love interest, in which he proposed that the ex-military guy make a voluntary withdrawal from the show in order to receive the care he requires.

He went on to say that Pere can’t be trusted and is always deliberately upsetting Nini, providing examples from their wild card experience.

“Pere is trying to trigger you, he knows you don’t like him.
How many times do you see us talk together, when he’s coming, when I hear his voice, I always want to hide.
Pere is always instigating things. He’s lonely as f**k and exhibiting suicidal behaviors.”

In other news, female housemate of the ongoing Shine Ya Eye edition of the Big Brother Naija show, Saskay has posited that she and Jaypaul were given a condom by Cross after the Saturday Night Party.

On Sunday morning, this revelation came from the Adamawa-born housemate at the salon.

Cross allegedly approached Saskay and Jaypaul after the party and handed them a condom while also giving them some foolish advise, according to Saskay.

“Cross just walked up to us to give us one condom. At first I thought he was high but then he even told us it’s better to play safe and then he left,” Saskay said.

Nini claimed that Cross had done the same to her and Saga. She believes he was ordered to do so, according to her.

“Cross came to where I and Saga were discussing to give us one too.

“Honestly I felt It was an Instruction that was given to him I didn’t know he was just being silly,” she said.

Video below: