Photos Of Emmanuella And Five Other Nigerian Richest Kid-Celebrities

As a kid all of us fantasized about growing up and become rich and also become famous. In this world that we are living today, talent has no barrier in age, as long as you are fit and will to showcase such your talent. This was the case of these kids who have showed the world their talents, these kids have created a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry.


They made so much money through what they are talented to, they have also gotten famous at a very tender age.

These Are The 6 Nigerian Richest Kid Celebrities:👇👇🏿

(1) Emmanuella

Emmanuella Samuel Popularly Called Emmanuella in a movie, she was born on 22nd of July 2010. She is a YouTube child Comedian on Mark Angel YouTube channel. Mark Angel Comedy YouTube channel became the first-ever Nigerian-owned YouTube channel to hit a million subscribers in 2017.


She started this Comedy when she was so little, only 5 years old. Her fame started after the comedy skit “This is Not My Real Face Oh” in which she was making jokes about a teacher to her fellow student without knowing the student was the child of the teacher.

Emmanuella is one Of the richest celebrity kids in Nigeria, having an estimate net worth of over N20,000,000.

(2) Ahmed Star Boy

Before he met Wizkid, Ahmed Star Boy was just a small kid struggling to become a star in the Nigerian music industry.

Luck came to him in 2017, when he was performing at one of his concerts and noticed a boy in the crowd, singing along with so much energy.“Why you never sleep, come on stage,” Wizkid reached out to him.


His rapping skills surprised Wizkid and he gave him N10,000,000 and signed him to his record.

Ahmed Star Boy is said to worth N10,000,000.

(3) Destiny Boy

Destiny Boy real named, Afeez Adesina. Destiny Boy became Popular after he covered the song of Davido, \’If\’ and he got noticed for that.

He is a kid that was born in Agege, an area of Lagos State, Nigeria. His style of music was influenced by the area he grew up in where Fuji was is a societal soundtrack, according to him.

He worth N8,000,000.

(4) DJ Young Money

The youngest celebrity Disk Jockey, also one of the richest celebrity kids in the country.

In 2016, he signed a deal with K-Nation Entertainment, as the in-house DJ of the Label. His father is also a Disk Jockey, and he is believed to be worth N20,000,000.

(5) Egypt Ify Ufele

She is a Nigerian-American designer who found joy in designing outfits for all occasions.

She is the founder of Bully Chasers charity, she reportedly began her plus-size fashion line Chubiiline after being bullied in school.

She was on 3rd of May, 2005, to assure you that she was a kid, she was born to Dr Reba Perry and Emeka Ufele.

Approximately, she worth N10,000,000.

(6) OzzyBosco Wonderkid

OzzyBosco Wonderkid

Popular kid-singer that was born on 7th of January 2007 right here in Nigeria.

He hailed as the most successful child performer in Africa. After winning the Nigerian Kids Got Talent in 2011.

According to Wikipedia, this kid\’s net worth is under review, and however it\’s believe to be about N20,000,000.



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