Real Reasons I Didn’t Marry My Baby Daddy — Nollywood Star, Lizzy Gold Finally Opens Up In An Interview

Since she made her acting debut in 2012, after trying her hands at modelling, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje has not looked back in her bid to conquer the screens. To date, she remains one of the divas ruling the screens in the country.

With her enviable skills and terrific screen presence, the former Miss Delta State is known to be the favourite of many producers and directors who would stop at nothing to feature her in their movies. Despite this, Lizzy is not married and she’s not thinking of doing so, any time soon.

According to her, she’s not mentally and psychologically ready for marriage now. Just as she boasted that no man has ever broken her heart. “Most times I am the one who walks away.” she enthused. The single mother of two kids also talks about her journey and other issues bordering on her career.


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Ups and downs in Nollywood

When I joined the industry, I wasn’t really getting paid. But for the fact that I had a passion for acting, I wasn’t thinking of the money. Rather, I concentrated on my craft. That was the down aspect of my journey. But right now, I’d jump from one set to another, and I’m getting well paid too.

Starting off as a model


I started off as a model when I won the Miss Delta State beauty pageant. I decided to go into acting because I had always wanted to be an actress. I didn’t abandon modelling for acting. I still do modelling jobs once in a while.

Between acting and modelling

I have an undying passion for acting more than modelling. Modelling comes once in a while, but for acting, once you feel it’s there, you just keep working back to back.

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Support from my parents

When I won the Miss Delta beauty pageant, my parents were happy with me. And since then, they have been supporting me. They didn’t like it initially but now, they are all for me.

My experiences on set

Every movie comes with its own challenges. So far, my experience on different sets has been cool. No negative vibes.

Where lies my strength

There’s this poise I had when I played the role of a goddess. I had that poise when I started modelling. So it’s in me when I’m given a role of a princess or goddess I play it effortlessly because already there’s the poise which I had during my days in modelling.

My friends in Nollywood

I don’t have too many friends in Nollywood. I have a few of them including Destiny Etiko, Mary Igwe and Cubana.

What sets me apart from other actresses

I think everybody is different in their own ways. We all have different ways of interpreting the roles and characters given to us in movies. The way I interpret my own characters is quite different from the way other actresses interpret theirs. But so far, everybody is doing well in their own unique way.

Image I see in the mirror

When I look into the mirror I see a beautiful, determined and hard-working young woman like me. I see my image and I’m proud of my image.

Being glamorous

I am not always glamorous. If I am not on set, you can’t see me wearing makeup. I try to look glamorous either when I’m filming or attending any social function.

My baby daddy

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It’s not as if there was a misunderstanding between us, or that he begged me. It’s just that I told him that I needed space and time. I wasn’t ready to settle down. In fact, I am not mentally and psychologically ready for marriage at the moment. It’s just better if we give ourselves some time. Maybe, in a few years time, I will get married. Marriage is a beautiful thing. I am not against it. I am not just psychologically ready for it now.

Relationship with my daughter

It’s not always easy when I’m filming and she’s not there with me. I miss her a lot and I always tell her that when I’m done with my filming I would come and see her.


I never had any heartbreak in my life, that’s the honest truth. Most times, I am the one that walks away if I am tired or something. But nobody has broken my heart.

Dealing with trolls on social media

The truth is that we are human beings. When you troll me on social media, sometimes it gets to me. But right now, I have developed a thick skin. Nothing gets to me anymore. The highest thing I will do is to block you on social media. However, it’s not ideal to stay off social media because we are a global world, where people can easily connect with you on social media platforms. More so, a lot of people make money from influencing others on social media.

Sometimes, social media helps to ease depression. So, I don’t think it’s ideal to leave social media because of trolls. Sometimes, these trolls are haters who cannot take care of themselves; people who are depressed and looking for people to transfer their aggression too.