Reasons You Should Date Girls With Any Of These 3 Things

Every girl is beautiful in her own way, and beauty is said to be in the eyes of the

beholder; so no girl is ugly….it depends on individual choice.

But there are actually some set of girls that are naturally beautiful because of some physical attributes they have, and I must assure you that you will be really be glad if you date this type of Girls.

I know there is a dogma that beauty is not the major thing to consider in a marriage or relationship, but it would really be nice to know that Beauty remains very important when thinking of marriage or relationship.

Beauty can help you to relax when you are annoyed by just looking at the beautiful face of your woman; but if she is not beautiful, you may even become more annoyed when you look at her face.

Not only that this set of girls are beautiful, there are also some unique attributes that will always keep any man that comes across them.

This set of girls are:

1. Girls With Gap Teeth

2. Girls With Ring Neck

3. Girls With Dimples

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 👉Girls With Gap Teeth

The most interesting thing about girls with gap teeth is that they always radiate the best of their beauty while smiling, showing the gap teeth. This will always make you to continue doing things that can always make her to smile and show her gap teeth; making your relationship always a happy and smiling one.🤗

👉Girls With Ring Neck

Girls with ring Neck are also very beautiful… They are always very loving and caring.

👉Girls With Dimple

Generally girls with Dimples are always very beautiful. It is always tempting to behold the beauty the Dimples always leave on their faces whenever girls with dimple smile.🥰🤗

One more thing I discovered about girls with dimple is that they are always meek…they always have very soft heart and will hardly have the heart to stand argument with you whenever you are annoyed; they rather start crying whenever they feel hurt, instead of behaving violently. I also discovered that majority of girls with dimples are always the LAST BORNS, of which the Lastborns are always the best you can ever date because they always have very soft heart, and always romantic.


This article may not really mean that girls without any of those things mentioned are never beautiful…every girl is actually beautiful in her own way. But these girls in question are always beautiful, and always give the best experience in a relationship because of some of their enticing attributes.

I know we cannot forget that happiness in relationships goes beyond beauty, but we cannot still hide the truth that beauty also plays a great role in making a happy relationship. But the general overseer of them all…the Oga kpata-kpata of them all is Good Attitudes; a girl with good attitude will always make the best in a relationship and marriage…that is a wife material.

Therefore girls; focus more on your attitudes than your beauty because your beauty may take you to the best man you ever wished, but it\’s actually your attitude that will determine if you will stay with that man.

I hope I have dropped something in this article?

Now tell us the one you love most; Gap Teeth, Ring Neck Or Dimple?🤗


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