See Emmanuella Great Transformation And Her Recent Networth

The transformation of Emmanueluella recently shocked many people because it now gives men a sleepless night where men ask how a small child can be so beautiful. She was born on July 22, 2010 in Port Harcourt in Nigeria.

Emmanuella\’s real name is Emmanuella Samuel and she had two parents who never appeared in public. They are called James Samuel who is the father and the mother\’s name is Cynthia Samuel. Mark Angel seems to be his real uncle and she stays with him.
As she is a youtuber, her channel now has nearly 6 million subscribers. It has a prize in Afro-Austratic music and films. She has a net worth of around $ 600,000 that she earns from her YouTube channel. She started comedy at the age of 5 when her first video My Real Face went viral.

She owns luxury cars which includes BMW 5 for $ 53,400 and Mercedes Benz which includes $ 130,000. She schools and also at the same time she takes acting lessons.
What can you say on the Networth of this 10 year old girl?

Courtesy YouTube

Courtesy YouTube

Courtesy YouTube

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