Somadina Adinma You Are Too Fine – Destiny Etiko Tells Regina Daniels’ Ex-boyfriend


Somadina Adinma is such a lucky guy to attact the attention of some of Nollywood’s most gorgeous ladies.

For those who don’t know, Somadina dated Regina Daniels before the billionaire Nigerian politician, Ned Nwoko, showed interest in her and snatched the popular actress while he watched helplessly.

Oh! That is not to say Ned Nwoko is more handsome than Somadina. The politician’s overall ‘game’ was just stronger especially with the money at his disposal. Meanwhile, Adinma shared some photos on his Instagram page and while he got a lot of positive comments, it was Destiny Etiko wrote, “Too fine😍.

The emoji suggests we might have to keep a closer eye on Adinma and Etiko.

Somadina Adinma Too Fine Regina Daniels (2)