Take A Look At Kcee And E-Money When They Were Poor (Photos)

E-Money (Emeka Okonkwo) and his younger brother Kcee (Kelechi Okonkwo) are very rich and handsome celebrities in Nigeria. Initially, it wasn\’t so, they weren\’t rich before. They were not born with a silver spoon. They were not even celebrities until few years ago.

E-Money and Kcee throwback pictures.

You can take a look at the photo above to see how they were before and how they are now. They were not looking fresh and rich like now.

There are lots of their old photos that are in this post for you to see how their beginning was and how they are now. There are lots of differences.

This is Kcee and E-Money before they became rich as they are now:

1. Kcee and E-Money\’s Wife (His sister-in-law) back in old times.

2. Kcee and his bosom Friend Presh.

3. E-Money when he had not started making money and wealth

4. Kcee, E-Money and their brothers.

That was them before they became rich.

Kcee and E-Money after they became rich:

1. This is Kcee now looking fresh and making millions.

2. This is how the two brothers are looking good together.

3. You can count E-Money as one of the richest young celebrities in Nigeria.

4. Kcee and E-Money enjoying themselves.

Now that you have seen their past life and present life, can you tell the differences?


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