This One Pass Acting ohh – Rudeboy Reacts To Video Of Yemi Alade Throwing Things At Him

Singer Rudeboy has reacted to a video of Yemi Alade throwing things at him with full force all in the name of acting for a music video.

Rudeboy sharing a snippet of how the music video of ‘Deceive’ Yemi Alade’s song that features him said her actions were more than acting in the video.

According to him, how Yemi Alade threw the thing at him from a story building is more than acting as it’s as if she has a personal problem with him that she’s using the music video as care off.

The video of the song ‘Deceive’ is one of the best music videos that was released last year and from what Rudeboy shared a lot of work and effort were put in to make it lovely.

Video below;