“Traditional Wedding in Dec 2017, white wedding in January 2018 and the marriage ended in February 2019” – Woman who left her marriage ‘celebrates’ 3 years after her wedding scattered, shares 7 Major lessons she learnt from her marital failure

A woman with the Twitter handle @ChiamakaObuekwe has reflected on the traditional wedding she did three years ago and how she is ashamed that the marriage ended.

In series of tweet on Monday, December 28, the woman said that there are many think partner should know about marriage before they go into it.

@ChiamakaObuekwe said that her marriage only lasted a bit over a year. After her white wedding in January 2018, she parted ways with her husband in February 2019.

She, however, told people that marriage is beautiful and she had a taste of it for the period her marriage lasted, adding that how long a marriage will be is not dependent on the period of courtship.

@ChiamakaObuekwe shared some lessons on why her marriage ended. She mentioned communication, looking out for signs, not going to bed angry, acknowledging the imperfection of one’s partner, and considering one’s mental health among others.

The young lady wished herself a happy “3rd no-tradiversary”, thanking people for reading her thread on marriage.

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She also shared 7 things she learnt in her marriage. read more below

Below are some of the reactions on her tweets:

@topnotch_ng said: “Do allow me to add one more thing to your very detailed counsel and that is ‘PRAY TOGETHER’. As trivial as it may seem, it might very well be the most important. Couples must learn to ‘PRAY TOGETHER’.”

@bayode4tunate said: “I need to understand the point where she said ‘dont ignore the signs’ and where she said ‘accept the flaws of your partner cos nobody is perfect’ I was thinking it’s contradictory but someone can help me understand thanks.”

@AkporCharles said: “About 4 years dating. About a year married and then it hit the rocks. This Marriage thing no get particular formula las las.”

@dgodfather2010 said: “You should have spend time planning for your marriage life, instead of planning for your wedding day, marriage comes after wedding. I pray you get it right next time. I am praying for you to find Ur God sent man as husband.”

@ibidapsy said: “A lot of people overlook sacrifices and compromises, in the sense that having a win win situation is better than being the winner all the time. Be ready to admit that you cannot be your spouses only source of happiness.”