What Did Yemi Alade Do To Dencia For Her To Call Her Village Girl As She Chooses The Violent Way To Greet

Nigerian singer Dencia has chosen the violent way to greet today and it appears she has a problem with Yemi Alade as she calls her village girl among other names.

Dencia in a tweet greeting her fans chose to do it the violent way as she calls those who tried her for the last 25yrs names including Yemi Alade calling her a village girl.

The fact that she chose violence this early morning isn’t the problem but calling Yemi Alade a village girl in her post shows she has a problem with her and we wonder what that is.

According to her, she’s sending God’s blessing to all except those she used vulgar words to describe and that includes Yemi Alade which means they have some pending issue to resolve.

Screenshot below;