What I will do to the next woman who declares love for me – Alex Ekubo reveals months after split with fiancee

Ace Nigerian actor, Alexx Ekubo, has revealed how far he’s ready to go for any woman who falls in love with him again.

The controversial actor shared a post on his Instagram page stating that he’s ready to hold the next woman in his life like a ‘thief’.

According to Alex, he would do anything possible to make sure the woman doesn’t leave his side.

This is coming months after his relationship and engagement to his ex lover and fiancee, Fancy Acholonu hit the rocks.

In his words,

“If I find somebody who likes me again, I go hold am like thief😫”.

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In other news, Veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba says he wants to marry a woman who is under 30 and has a master’s degree.

As you may remember, Kenneth Aguba gained media attention earlier this year when he was spotted residing on Enugu’s streets.

Kenneth Aguba demanded that he must wed a virgin despite the fact that several women had shown an interest in him.

Recently, the actor reportedly said that he hasn’t found a wife, according to reports. He claimed that he is currently looking for a woman under 30 with a master’s degree.

”I have not seen a wife yet, I am still searching. My spec is a beautiful woman who is tall, fair in complexion, not older than 30 years and a master degree holder,” he stated.

In other news, a white woman was spotted at a market in the Federal Capital Territory not buying foodstuff but was rather the vendor selling foodstuff to customers.

The oyibo woman called Pia Majid was on the spotlight on how a day in her life was and in a video shared on Youtube, Pia Majid was captured performing activities typical of a market woman that includes as crushing water melon seeds for egusi, in addition to helping to sell food items.

The white woman said in the video that she is in the market to hustle which means working hard every day.

She was also filmed helping to sell products like beans, flour, and other necessities while decked out in an apron to imitate a market vendor.