Why I Supported My Daughter, Opeyemi To Join U.S Navy – Fuji Singer Pasuma Opens Up

Fuji musician, Pasuma has revealed why he threw his support for his daughter, Opeyemi to pursue her dream of becoming a Navy in US.

You would recall that Pasuma announced on his Instagram page that his daughter has officially become a Naval officer in the US army.

Speaking about the successful feat chalked by his daughter, he disclosed that he has great respect for the men and woman of the Nigerian military for the selfless work they do.

He said,

“I am proud of her. Any parent would be proud to know that their child has a mindset of service.

“I supported her decision from the beginning. She had been talking about joining the US Navy for some years, so I was not surprised when she eventually enlisted.”

He added,

“As a Nigerian, I have the utmost respect for the men and women of the Nigerian military for the selfless work they do. The level of insecurity in the country may initially make any parent feel unsure about their child joining the military.

However, there is the risk of danger in almost everything we do in life. Pilots take risks; driving a car or crossing a road also has risks. Being in the military in America too involves risks, so I would not have discouraged her.”