Why Mike Should Not Be Dragged For Attending Birthday Party With Girls Dressed In Native Doctor Outfit

There have been different kinds of opinions after a social media influencer, Pretty Mike, recently posted a photo and video of him at his friend’s birthday party with three ladies dressed in native doctor attire. Those ladies were holding a local pot on there and a stick designed with red fabrics. So I feel that Pretty Mike should not be dragged over this single act for the following reasons.

1) It is what he is known for.

Anyone who knows Pretty Mike very well would know that this is what he does best, he has done different kinds of weird things at people’s birthday parties and weddings, this is not the first time he has done them, so they shouldn’t feel surprised at how he could go to someone’s party with ladies dressed in native doctor attire.

Photo credit: Prettymike/Instagram.

2) It’s just a stunt.

Pretty Mike is called a stunt lord for a reason, he is known as a stunt lord because he has pulled many stunts in the past, the stunts he has pulled at celebrities parties is above 10, the previous one he did was going to a wedding with a native doctor, he has attended another ceremony with dwarfs, 5 nursing mothers and more I won’t mention on this article, it’s not new to some of Pretty Mike fans.

3) The celebrant is okay with it.

I don’t think there is a need to drag him because he attended his friend’s party with these ladies. After all, the celebrant is okay with it. Before the celebrant invited him, he knew that he would pull one stunt as usual because that is what he is known for. The celebrant is okay with how he stormed his party, so I see no reason why he should be dragged when the celebrant isn’t complaining.