Wizkid FC Attack Tiwa Savage Of Stealing The Dance Move Of Wizkid For Her Song [Video]

Wizkid FC has accused Tiwa Savage of stealing his dance moves for the challenge of her song ‘Somebody Son’ claiming their favorite created it.

A die-hard fan of Wizkid accused Tiwa Savage of stealing his dance moves claiming Wizkid sat down and created the dance step for his song Anoti and then Tiwa Savage his former friend came to steal it for her song ‘Somebody Son’ challenge

We are all aware that Tiwa Savage has been doing these dance moves for a while even before releasing her album that has ‘Somebody son’ on it but some fans of Wizkid think she stole it from their favorite because he created it.

Even if it’s true that Wizkid created the dance steps and Tiwa Savage stole them, we are all aware of the history between these two hence there’s no cause for alarm since they were once good friends and can do whatever they want with each other.

But we doubt if indeed Tiwa Savage stole the dance steps from Wizkid since some of his fans just speak without facts or concrete evidence to prove that it’s true and this allegation has no concrete evidence to back it up.

The dance moves for ‘Somebody Son’ are just lovely to watch and easy to do hence fans of Tiwa Savage are just jumping on the challenge and that might be the reason why Wizkid FC is claiming ownership since it’s becoming more popular.

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