Zubby Michael and Other Celebrities Who Were Suspicious Over Hushpuppi’s Source Of Income (Photos)

The amazing success while it lasted, of Ramoni Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, in his line of ‘scamming business’ begs countless questions. For many years, Hushpuppi roamed in what may be described as a ‘Big Boy’. He amassed massive amounts of money in local and foreign currency, purchased costly cars, acquired luxury pieces of jewelry, relaxed in large Jacuzzi-equipped baths both inside and outside the country, and generally enjoyed the life of a truly wealthy businessman.


Many people praised Hushpuppi, and he became acquainted with Nigeria’s top politicians and celebrities. Given how society views affluent men, Hushpuppi was the type of man who may publish a book titled “The Ills of Duping,” give a lecture on the wrongs of scamming or even contribute to a religious organization’s fund-raising.


Even though Hushpuppi was adored by many and rolled with the high and mighty, certain celebrities were suspicious of his source of income, and with news that he is set to spend 20 years in prison, the celebrities listed below will only have three words to say: I knew it!

1. Kcee


Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, also known as Kcee, is one of the few musicians that has always suspected Hushpuppi of having a skeleton in his closet.


Hushpuppi mocked Nigerian musicians in 2017, claiming that they only wore fake clothes and accessories.

In reaction to his insult, Kcee questioned Hushpuppi about his source of income and how he makes money given that he lacks talent, does not represent any brand, and does not have a wealthy father like Davido. Kcee went on to request that the EFCC focus its attention on him.


3. Eniola Badmus


Eniola Badmus is well-known for her hilarious roles in movies, but she also has a keen sense of what is suspicious. The actress expressed her displeasure on social media four years ago after Hushpuppi posted a club bill from his weekend outing that showed N11 million.



Eniola Badmus, who was not happy with Hushpuppi’s excessive spending, confronted him on social media and demanded to know where he got his money. Hushpuppi responded by mocking her and calling her an attention seeker.



3. Zubby Micheal


We all know Nollywood actor Zubby Michael as someone who isn’t afraid to express his mind. A few weeks before Hushpuppi was arrested in June 2020, an Instagram user attempted to humiliate Zubby Micheal by comparing him to Hushpuppi.


Zubby Micheal quickly responded, telling the Instagram user to grow up because he does not celebrate unexplained money and that no one knows the source of Hushpuppi’s wealth, so he should not be praised.

These above-mentioned celebrities did an excellent job of warning people not to applaud a man with an unexplained source of income. It is clear that some of our celebrities are not swayed by extravagant things and are ethically decent.