10 Facts You May Not Know About Angel Smith’s Mother

In the course of the BBN S6 reality show, a young woman who identified herself as Angel’s mother came into the limelight. The woman is simply identified as ‘Titi’ and she disclosed that she is the biological mother of Angel Smith, one of the BBN Shine Ya Eye Housemates.

Angel Smith’s parents at their first public appearance 

Titi has always been supporting her daughter, Angel ever since she stepped into the Big Brother House. She never hesitated to confront people who try to drag or bully her daughter on the internet. She stood by her child till the end of the show.

Angel did not disclose much substantial information about her parents while she was in the house but now that she is out, her mother has set up a question and answer session on instagram for people to get to know her.

Angel Smith’s mother, Titi

During the question and answer session that took place on the official instagram page of Angel’s mum today, check out some of the things you should know about Titi, Angel’s mum.

1. Angel’s mom, Titi is half Ghanaian and half Nigerian. Her motherland is Ghana and she also hails from Delta State, Nigeria. She is a Ghanaian and proudly Itsekiri. 

2. Angel’s mom is not a Yoruba woman, so the actual spelling of her name is ‘Tete’ but she prefers to be called ‘Titi’.

3. Titi is 37 years old. She gave birth to Angel when she was 16 years old.

4. Titi has only one child, Angel Smith.

5. Titi disclosed that she is currently not married to Angel’s dad.

6. Titi is a Chef and also a business woman. She plans to dive into influencing very soon.

7. Titi permanently resides in Ghana and not Nigeria.

8. Titi and Angel’s dad met in Nigeria, precisely by a pool side.

9. Titi had attempted to go for BBNaija on different occasions but something always stopped her.

10. Titi gave birth to Angel on the 13th of February, 2000.

There is no doubt that Titi raised a beautiful and smart young lady. She must be very proud of her daughter’s achievement at such a young age. She tried as much as possible to get into the show but now, her daughter has fulfilled that dream for her.