3 Legendary Nigerian Women Celebrities Who Are Over 90 Years Old


There are some Nigerian women who are aging but are still looking young and healthy. Some of these women are over 90 years old but they are still doing well in their Careers. In this article, we will be talking about three Nigerian women who are over 90 years old and are still active in the Country.


Grace Oyelude



Grace Atinuke Oyelude is a Nigerian woman who gained Fame in the Country at a very young age. According to Punch, she won the title of the first Miss Nigeria in her early 20s and she has been active in the Country for over 65 years. Grace Oyelude is currently 90 years of age but she is still active in the Country.


Grace Oyin Adejobi


Oyin Adejobi who is also known as Iya Osogbo is a Nigerian Actress and Entertainer who is tagged as the oldest living Yoruba Actress. This great Actress started her Career in the Movie Industry in the 1950s and she has been a successful Actress for more than 60 years. This talented lady is currently 91 years old but she is still active.



Mabel Segun


Mabel Segun is among the Legendary Nigerian women who are still active. She is a Writer, Playwright and Poet who has gained Fame in the Country. According to Wikipedia, she is 92 years old but she is still very active in the Country.