4 Famous Nollywood Child Actresses Who Are Very Active In The Industry (Pictures)

Nollywood has given children the opportunity to showcase their acting talents in movies. With this, we have discovered many child actresses who have been the face of some Nollywood movies and they are still very active.

1. Sharon Ifedi

When you think of a child actress, Sharon Ifedi quickly comes to mind, this is because she is one of the most talented actresses in Nigeria even among the adults. The 17 years old actress has been very active in Nollywood movies some of which includes, The Holy Witches, Muna, Scars of a Mother, Family Slavery, Pains of Life, The Slave Husband and many more.

2. Mercy Kenneth

With so much talent to showcase, Mercy Kenneth has become one of the most sought after child actresses in Nigeria. She has the ability to speak fluently in all her movies, some of which includes Princess of Happiness, My Guardian Angel, Diary of an Orphan and many more.

3. Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo is one of the most followed child actresses on social media. This is simply as a result of her acting talent. The 13 years old actress is very active in Nollywood movies. Some of her movies includes, Written in our Destiny, Scars of a Mother, A Fight to Live and many more.

Adaeze Onuigbo with Artus Frank:

4. Angel Unigwe

Angel Unigwe is one actress who is very active in Nollywood movies. The actress who is currently in her early teens has acted in many Nollywood movies which includes, Strain, Three Thieves, Here Love Lies and many more.