Sharon Ifedi Biography, Lifestyle, Age, Family And Net Worth

Sharon Ifedi is a popular Nollywood actress. She was born on 15th March 2004 and she is from Anambra state although she was born and raised in Delta state. She is popular for taking up the roles of a maltreated character.

Sharon Ifedi is either maltreated by her step-mom or she is a suffering housemaid in movies. The biography of Sharon Ifedi and current information concerning her net worth and her parents will be included in this article. Let’s dive in.

Biography, Age, Career & Net Worth Of Ifedi Sharon

Sharon Ifedi was born on 15th March 2004. She is 16 as of 2020. Sharon was born in Delta state, although her state of origin is Anambra state. Her primary school education was in Asaba, and she is currently in her secondary school education level, schooling at Asaba, Delta State. Ifedi lives in Asaba with her parents who we have no vital information on, at the moment of this post.

Sharon girl is a fast-rising Nollywood actress. She is also a kid model, dancer, and television personality. Unlike her counterpart, Emmanuella of Mark angel comedy, Sharon rather plays roles of a sorrowful character who is going through life’s rough part. The industry is favoring her as she is making her way to the hall of fame, just like Regina Daniels who started as a kid actress. Anyone needs to go through the education system to a certain level and that is what Sharon is focused on at the moment. She manages to combine acting with schooling and she’s good at it.

Sharon Ifedi is currently one of the richest and most influential kid actresses in Nigeria. Her net worth is estimated at $52,000.

Ifedi Sharon movies are, Litany Of Tears, My Blood Brother, Unjust Death Of Chika, Avenge Me, Highway Girls, The Blind Beauty, Chuigo, The Witches, The Brave Girl, Chiechefuna, Bury Me, Pains Of Life, Omasiri, Kiss My Tears, Because Of You, Scars Of A Mother, Journey Of Life, Black Act, Royal Darkness, Operation Last Dance, Only Son, A Thousand Tears, Muna, Miss Arrogant, Scars Of A Mother, Struggle For Justice, Ghost Story, Saving Grace, Tears of a Slave Child, Little Madam of the House, Price of Wickedness, My Responsibility, Lost Princess, Agony of the Girl Child, Peace at Last, Child Misfortune, Return of Tears of Sharon, Sarafina The Rejected Orphan, Wasted Authority, Shakira (Queen of Selfie), Tears of the Weeping Prince, Celebrity Queen, among others.