4 Lessons From The Success Story Of Salle The Hawker Who Rose From Grass To Grace

The success story of the 17-year-old Imo girl Salle, who rose from “grass to grace”, after a lucky day of having her activities of melodious songs and rapping captured, is no longer new to the majority.

However, an incident like that of hers and how her story suddenly changes wasn’t magical, but methodical, that is, a process.

From that process of how Salle‘s story suddenly changes, there are few lessons below which everyone can learn:

1. Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. 

Diligence and consistency is the key to everything we do. Whether in a little workshop, on the street or in a larger organisation, we need hard work and a bit of effort to do whatever we do well.

Salle, quite alright has a talent to sing, but imagine she didn’t put effort to ensure she sang to her satisfaction and for the benefit of those who might have been listening to her and enjoying the melody?

2. Never despise little beginning

Little beginning is something very important, so never tell yourself that whatever you are doing well and uniquely is not significant to others.

What may look like scrap to you now may be gold to another. This means what you feel is not looking good and won’t be appreciated by others may come out to become very valuable. Remember the saying that, “One man’s poison is another man’s meat.”

3. Everyone has got a talent never bury yours

Just like the Biblical story of a man who buried his talent because it was little and also, having a feeling that the environment where he was cannot help him grow it, went to bury it.

Talent is every individual’s possession but can only be grown exponentially. That means just like young Salle who must have been improving on herself daily before being discovered, the man in that story could have multiplied his 1 talent by 2 to get 2, and the 2 by 2 to get 4, and the series continues that way. 

4. Social media is more of a blessing 

One good thing this generation will keep appreciating is the uprising of social media, where everything one does can be shown to the world instantly.

In the days gone by, talents such as Salle might never have come to the limelight because, even if there were people who should have helped her, there was no way she could have reached them or proved what she could do.