4 Noticeable Things About Angela Okorie Since She Became A Musician (Photos)

Angela Okorie has won numerous awards and earned millions of naira in Nollywood, but she refuses to limit her talents to only acting. Since 2019, Angela Okorie has made the transition into the music industry, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.


Angels Okorie has moved on from conquering Nollywood to dominating the music industry, and she shows no signs of slowing down. She has a ten-track album, beautiful music videos, has performed on international stages, and has a global fan base. Here are four things you should know about Angela Okorie since she began her music career.

1. Her Stage Name Is a One-Of-A-Kind


Angela Okorie, like every other Nigerian musician, adopted the stage name “Legit Queen,” which has helped her stand out from the crowd. Angela Okorie’s stage name is said to have been inspired by her down-to-earth personality and love of the luxuries in life.

2. Her Stage Name Is Tattooed On Her Body.

Angela Okorie not only goes by the stage name “Legit Queen,” but she also has the name tattooed on her arm.

3. She Walks With Bodyguards.

Angela Okorie now walks with a hefty bodyguard and well-armed security men, perhaps because she is now more famous or simply to attract more attention.

Considering her near-assassination attempt a few years ago, this is a very wise move on Angela’s part.

4. She Outshines Destiny Etiko On Instagram.

One would think that Angela Okorie’s Instagram followers would have dropped sharply since she is more active in music than acting, yet her Instagram followers are increasing.

Angela has over 3.8 million Instagram followers at the time of writing this article, which is greater than Destiny Etiko, who has 3 million.

Fans speculate that Destiny Etiko and Angela Okorie aren’t friends because they don’t follow each other on Instagram.

Angela Okorie: Has She Left Nollywood?

Celebrities are known for mentioning their profession in their Instagram bios, however, it appears that Angela Okorie has moved on from Nollywood since her Instagram bio now reads “artist.” She appears to be enjoying life as a musician.