5 facts about Tony Umez that you probably don’t know


Tony Umez is one of the Nigerian actors who has acted in more than 200 Nollywood films in both English and Yoruba languages since his debut in the 1994 film “Died Wretched”, a movie that brought him to the limelight and gave him a nomination for Best New Act to Watch at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. In the movie, he was buried in a casket worth N2.3 million.

There are so many facts you may not know about the veteran actor. They include the following.

(1) He started acting from childhood :

Tony’s journey into acting dated back to his secondary school days when he used to perform in school dramas and plays. He joined Nollywood in 1993.

(2) He has won so many awards:

As a great actor, it is not a surprise that his efforts are crowned with awards. So far, he has gotten no less than 5 awards. They are as follows. Awards

Most Promising Actor in Nigeria at the Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards

Best Actor in a Leading Role at the African Movie Academy Awards.

Best Actor in Nigeria at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards

Nollywood’s Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards.

Best Actor at the City People Entertainment Awards.

(3) He is married:

One of the wishes of most Nigerians is to end up with a good woman and make a happy home together. Tony has achieved this as he has been married since 16th November, 1999 to his beautiful wife, Patsy Ogechukwu.

(4) He has children:

The marriage between Tony and Pasty was blessed with four beautiful children. The couple are blessed with four daughters, namely Beautiful Umez, Angel Umezi, Princess Umezi and Golden-Michell Umezi.

(5) He is a Masters degree holder:

After acquiring his primary and high school education, the legendary actor acquired a bachelor’s degree in the English Language from the University of Lagos. He later acquired a masters degree in International Law and Diplomacy.