6 Non-Nigerian Entertainers That Speak Nigerian Language Fluently

These non-Nigerian entertainers have found delight in speaking Nigerian languages, they speak the language so well to the extent they won the hearts of many fans and celebrities on social media. Some of their fans watch them speak and wonder how they were able to be so perfect at it.

1) Szabina.

Szabina is a Tiktok star who mimics an Edo comedian. She speaks more of Pidgin and lipsyncs the Benin language so fluently that whenever she wears Nigerian attire and speaks the language, her fans applaud her and wonder how she does it.

2) Oyibo Princess.

Oyibo Princess has indicated she loves anything that has to do with Nigeria, so she speaks Nigerian Pidgin so well that you might forget she is not a Nigerian.

3) Oyibo Marlian.

Oyibo Marlian has blended with a lot of Nigerian celebrities, she has been featured in many skits, and she speaks mostly pidgin language in skits.

4) Oyibo Rebel.

Oyibo Rebel is another white that entertains his fans by speaking the Yoruba language. He speaks the pidgin language so well too, and he no longer behaves like a white man. Only his skin complexion tells he is white.

5) White Agbero.

Just as his name implies, White Agbero speaks pidgin and Yoruba so fluently, he has used it to win the hearts of fans and comedians like Broda Shaggi, he has featured in skits with some Nigerians entertainers.

6) Tiago Ishola.

Tiago has once revealed that he finds it hard to speak English that he loves speaking Yoruba, Tiago has won the hearts of Tunde Ednut and other celebrities after a skit of him speaking Yoruba surfaced online.

In conclusion, Nigerians have diverse unique languages that these white entertainers love and can’t do a video without speaking them, the language is what they use more than their initial language.