7 Nigerian Celebrities Lookalikes Which Have Left Us So Confused As To Who’s Who

I’m not sure what’s going on anymore because of these celebrities and their non-celebrity lookalikes. HOW DO THEY LOOK SO ALIKE?

Some many people dream of looking like a celebrity, while others are born with their features.

I have found 9 people that look like they were separated from their celebrity twins at birth. To make this post interesting, I’m going to be playing a game with you. It’s very fun and I Know you will enjoy it.

I’m going to do a side-by-side picture: on both pictures, I will mix up the names and it is left for you to decide who you think is who. Are you ready? Then let’s go.

1. Who is the real Davido? picture 1 or picture 2? Shine your eyes look at both pictures very well and drop your answer in the comments

2. Which one is the CEO of Mavin and Africa’s baddest producer? Is it picture 1 or picture 2?

3. Who is the real Pocolee? Picture 1 or 2

4. Which one is the talented Nigerian singer and mother to Adejare? Picture 1 or 2?

5. Who is the real Kate Henshaw? Picture 1 or 2?

6. Who is the real starboy? Are they the same? Look very well.

7. Who is the actual Adesua Etomi? Picture 1 or 2? Tell me in the comments

I am sure you had fun trying to detect the actual celebrities. Now it’s time to confuse your family and friends. Share this post with them to see if they can guess correctly