After Kicking Him Out 18 Months Ago, See The Horrible Thing A Father Did To His Son When He Returned Home (Photos)

A young man by the name Ronald has taken to Twitter to lament the inhumane treatment given to him by his father.

According to him, he was kicked out of the house by his father for no particular reason and since then he has not returned home until he received calls and messages from his siblings saying his dad wants him back home.

Being a good son, Ronald said he forgave his father and headed for home but unfortunately for him, he was met with another unpleasant reception. His father held him by the neck and shaved off his hair completely.

I’ve done nothing to deserve this, I’ve never been a wild child, nothing, the tears won’t stop”

He cut me off completely, he doesn’t give me no money, nothing. I literally sat and watch him humiliate me for no reason, in front of everyone. This is someone I call my father, once I’m out of here, that’s it, he’ll never set eyes on me in this life.

See images below;