‘Am Coming For You, You Devil’ – Actress Destiny Etiko and Lizzy Gold Fight Dirty At A Movie Set (VIDEO)

Destiny Etiko, a Nollywood actress, and Lizzy Gold, a colleague, have recently enthralled audiences with a pair of physical confrontations on set.


Destiny Etiko was seen in a video on Instagram confronting Lizzy Gold about why she went to the residence she took without her permission.


Lizzy, who pretended not to know where the query files came from, was overshadowed by Destiny Etiko, who pushed her, and the two of them caused a commotion, with most of the crew members shielding them to avoid any brawl.

The crew members were seen telling the person recording the moment to stop recording however he wouldn’t heed to their demands.


Destiny Etiko wrote in the caption of the photo on her Instagram page that some of us are ungrateful, while also referring to Lizzy Gold as a chameleon and a demon.

She captioned the video: Some of us are so ungrateful @lizzygoldofficial u are a chameleon u are shapely a devil. Am coming for u.


Watch video below;