Angela Okorie Replies Those Curious To Know If She Can Marry Someone That Behaves Like Her

Actress cum singer Angela Okorie has filled all of us curious to know whether she would be able to marry someone that behaves just like her in claiming she has no issue with that.

Angela Okorie is part of the few celebrities who respect themselves very well and don’t mingle with others anyhow but then says whatever she wishes to say to whoever it’s directed to without having any issues with it and some people see her as abnormal because of some of her actions.

Most of us have been wondering if she would be able to marry someone who behaves exactly like her but what we never knew was her sister also had the same question in mind hence she gathered the courage t ask her and Angela Okorie deemed it right to share it with all of us eager to know.

According to her, she doesn’t have a problem marrying someone who behaves exactly like her as she doesn’t want to be the only mad person in the relationship, and moreover, it’s boring to be normal to her.

Angela Okorie acknowledged the fact that she isn’t normal as to her, being normal is very boring therefore, she would love to have someone who is just mad as her to be moving along as life partners so she doesn’t become the weird one in the relationship.

Sis Question:can you marry someone that
Behaves like you Angela 💃💃
My Answer: yes nah 🤣😂😜🙃👀
Only me no go just Dey mad nahh 🤷‍♀️
It’s boring to be normal 😂😂

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