For The First Time, I Wish I Was Mrs. – Ese Eriata Says As She Reveals The Importance Of Dressing Well

Actress Ese Eriata speaking about the importance of dressing said for the first time she wishes to be a Mrs. as dressing so decently and long attracts a lot of respect from others.

Ese Eriata took her time to educate us on how important it is for a lady to dress so well saying she commands respect whenever she dresses well as people respect her so much when they see her cover herself up thinking she’s the wife of a billionaire.

According to her, this is the first time in her life that she wishes to be a Mrs. based on the kind of respect she gets whenever she covers her body as that kind of respect is totally different saying indeed how you dress matters a lot in life.

Ese Eriata then added that if she ever said marriage is not an achievement, she takes that back as today she has realized that it’s an achievement advising young girls to dress very well if they don’t want to attract insults wherever they find themselves.

Dressing decently puts you on a very high level that people turn to respect you naturally since showing one’s body seems to have become the order of the day and Ese Eriata in her post has affirmed the fact that how you dress plays a very important role in how you will be treated and addressed.

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