Check out Igbo celebrities who have constructed roads for their community and lessons to learn

There are many wealthy people in Nigeria. As many of them spend their money only on luxurious materials, there are many others who have been doing everything possible to make life easier for everyone. Currently, there are many celebrities from the Igbo tribe who have constructed roads for their communities, and because of this, they can boldly say that they have achieved something. They include the following.

(1) Kcee and E-money

Kcee And E-Money Who Is Older? And Richer?

They constructed a road with a dimension of 2.5km in Uli, Anambra State. The construction of the massive project is noted to have added some value to the beauty of Uli town layout, where the duo hail from.

(2) Cubana Chief Priest

Recently, the acclaimed celebrity barman took to his Instagram story to post a video of the new road. He is constructing it for his community in Imo State. In his caption, he said, “Sometimes don’t do it for yourself, do it for the people.”

Apart from entertainment purposes, this particular article conveys lots of moral lessons that when adhered to, will make Nigeria better. They include the following.

(1) Always try and develop your locality: Everyone loves a beautiful city, but the truth is that most cities didn’t become beautiful overnight. As we are waiting for the government to do what they can, we should also contribute to the development of our locality.

(2) As the country is undergoing difficulties, it is your priority to render help to people you are better than, either by giving them gifts or helping them establish a source of income.

(3) Be selfless when assisting: Many people always consider what they will gain from assisting others. This attitude, in most cases, results in greed. But when we help without considering the actual benefits we will get, it will motivate others to help as well.