Checkout How These 8 Popular Kid Actors And Actresses Have Changed Ever Since They Started Acting

Every big star we see in the movie industry today, started little until they were able to make their way to the top. Today, we still see many kid actors and actresses who are making waves in their various roles of acting, and we believe they are taking the movie industry to another level of greatness due to how talented and consistent they are.

In today’s article, we shall be looking at 8 popular kid actors and actresses from Nollywood and Hollywood, and how these stars have changed tremendously over time.

Let’s check them out below.

1. Sharon Ifedi

Sharon Ifedi is one of those child actresses whose roles are usually interesting and emotional. The young actress has grown up to become such a beautiful lady who will definitely do more than her successors in the Nollywood industry, judging by her activeness in acting.

2. Jaden Smith

Popular actor, Jaden Smith who acted Karate Kid alongside Jackie Chan in 2010 is now a grownup man. He stopped acting for a while due to an addiction that changed him, but he made his way back to the industry. The 23-years-old actor has really changed over time.

3. Chidinma Stephanie Oguike

Chidinma Oguike has been a famous actress right from when she was a little girl. She is such a pretty lady who is growing up so fast and making a name for herself in the movie industry.

4. Riele Downs

Riele Downs is the popularly known kid actress identified as Charlotte from the Henry Danger TV series of Nickelodeon. The 22-years-old actress who happens to be one of the most adored Nickelodeon celebrity is no longer a kid, and might start to feature in more thrilling and matured roles in Hollywood movies.

5. Mercy Kenneth

Nollywood child actress, Mercy Kenneth who is usually acting the roles of a maltreated little girl is growing up so fast, and looking more beautiful than before. She is gradually building a name for herself in the industry.

6. Chisom Oguike Hilary

Chisom Obuike has featured in many movies but started an active acting career in the year 2017, when she featured in the movie titled “My Kids and I”.

7. Jace Norman

Jace Norman is the Nickelodeon TV series actor who played an interesting role in the “Henry Danger” series. The 21-years-old actor has also appeared in other series like “The Thundermans and “Game Shakes”.

Today, the American actor has grown beards and looks much more older.

8. Susan Pwajok

Lastly on my list is the popular upcoming actress, Susan Pwajok. She has been acting right from when she was a little girl and has really changed beyond recognition. The 18-years-old actress rose to stardom when she featured in a drama TV series called “The Johnsons”.

Although it has been a while since Susan Pwajok featured in any blockbuster movie, the young actress has grown above acting the roles of a little child.

These actors and actresses developed a love for their career right from childhood and today, they are doing well in their different areas of acting. They are gradually taking the movie industry to another level of greatness.