Destiny Etiko Loves Skimpy Outfits, See How Good She Looks In Them.


Destiny Etiko is a very popular Nigerian actress, she is absolutely beautiful and endowed with a body that makes people look back (…that\’s if they don\’t hit a pole when looking back…).


She seems to love skimpy outfits and she has quite a lot of them, and that\’s what I\’m going to be showing you.

1). This one is a yellowish or lemon – ish colored dress she styled with sneakers.

2). A red dress and heels is everything.

3). This blue dress is so beautiful, I want one.



5). Here she has on a white jumpsuit.

6). The ponytail and the knee length boots completes the look here.

7). Black and yellow yes.

8). Beautiful pink dress and white sneakers.

9). This is obviously an on set outfit, but Still looks good on her.



11). Beautiful black dress with red hair.

12). Silver gown with the high low effect and one leg show.




Skimpy outfits with the perfect body shape can send a man to his grave early.


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