”Did She Die?”- Nigerian Medical Doctor Reacts To Viral Photo Of Lady Kneeling As Her Fiance Proposed To Her

It has always been the case where men have to kneel and profess their deepest love to their lovers but in a fresh photo that surfaced online, a beautiful woman has turned things around.

A Nigerian medical doctor with the username, @osagiemerry subscribes to the fact that women rather have to go down on their knees when they are being engaged by their boyfriends.

According to Osagie, he continues to wonder who invented the idea of men kneeling when proposing to their girls. He therefore shared a photo stating that this is how an proper engagement should be done.

His tweet reads;

”This is how it is supposed to be I really don’t know who invented the mechanism of men going down on their knee. This lady now is on her knee did she dieeeeee???”