Do You Often Wake Up Between 3 Am To 5 Am? Here Is What It Means

At different points in our lives, we have woken up in the middle of the night. While some people may go back to sleep almost immediately afterwards, some may not be so lucky and can stay awake for hours before they finally go back to sleep.

Different reasons are responsible for us waking up at different hours in the middle of the night. For some people, it is to use the bathroom, for some others, it is to get something to eat or drink. Some people wake up because they have had a bad dream or nightmare, while some others just wake for no reason.

Waking up in the middle of the night is not really an issue. The problem however, lies in the time you wake up and how frequently you do. If you are constantly waking up around 3am to 5am, then it may not be just as normal as you might think. Here’s why?


Ideally, these periods are the times when one can get the best sleep moments. But waking up daily at these odd hours should be enough to get your interest piqued. It does not mean you have a spiritual problem as some people may think. Simply put, it’s all about the energy inside of you and your life purpose.

The fact that you wake up around these times usually has nothing to do with superstitious beliefs, but is connected with the fact that your life is unfulfilled. While some might be confused as to what it means, especially if you are already successful and have all you could possibly want, note that this does not really point to material possessions.

We are all here on earth for a purpose. It does not matter if you have the highest rated income or you are on the list of the world’s most influential people, as long as that purpose remains unfulfilled, you will not be completely at rest. It maybe in the simple basic things, but perhaps we have been too caught up in our own created busy world that we pay no mind to what our soul truly wants. As such you need to find what it is that your soul longs for. You need to find what your purpose could be and accomplish it. Once that has been completed, the complete rest of mind takes over.


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