Don’t Hype Yourself – Fan Slams Simi For Praising Her New Album, She Replies

Songstress Simi has replied to a fan who rebuked her for hyping her latest album after saying it has been the best album she has ever made ever since she started her musical journey.

According to Simi, her latest album which is yet to come out happens to be the best album she has ever done as she praises her efforts for a good job done but a fan seems to have a problem with that hence has rebuked her for that.


The fan replying to Simi’s post said she shouldn’t hype herself because that is the job of her fans to do therefore her fans are supposed to say her album is the best ever made and not saying it herself to hype her album.

The fan added that she indeed does good music but she shouldn’t praise herself but she should let people praise her rather and that will be genuine as praising herself seems like boasting about how good she is and that might go against her someday.

Simi replying to that restated what she said saying she only said this is the best album she ever made and nothing more therefore she sees nothing wrong with what she said for someone to rebuke her for saying that

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