From Lover Boy to Altar: How Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike Overcame All Odds to Become a Pastor

Emeka Ike was unquestionably one of Nollywood’s most in-demand actors in the 1990s and 2000s. Producers chose him as their first choice for an actor who could play a lover boy in a marvelous way.

For most Nollywood fans, a romantic drama would be incomplete without Emeka Ike. During his time at the top, his superb handling of romantic roles earned him the nickname “Lover Boy,” and he became a household name.

Emeka Ike had a distinguished acting career, but his love life was a different story. His failed marriage to his ex-wife was one of the most controversial celebrity divorces ever covered. There was a lot of drama and back-and-forth from both sides.

Emeka Ike and Ex-wife

Unfortunately, when Emeka Ike’s ex-wife accused him of domestic abuse a few years ago, many people believed her. People believed her allegation to smear Emeka Ike’s reputation and mock him on social media. He, on the other hand, never let the challenging times get to him. He moved on with his life, marrying a South African lady with whom he has a daughter.

Emeka Ike with his current wife

Since his marriage to the South African woman, Emeka Ike has shown a side of himself that no one expected. He wasn’t a pastor, but he started spreading the gospel and urging people to give their lives to Christ.

Fast forward to September 2021, Emeka Ike has now become an ordained servant of God, and according to him, he will not be the regular tithes and offerings pastor, but a servant of God who speaks nothing but the truth.

On Instagram, he posted a series of photos of his ordinantion and captioned them:

“Psalm 105: 15 … Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm…

Anointed for this endtimes.

Im Not your regular tithes & offering pastor….


Anointed to serve in HIS VENYARD last Sunday, the 29th of August,


Grace to all. Amen”

It’s quite inspiring to see one of Nollywood’s best romantic actors take on the monumental task of becoming a pastor despite all of the difficulties he has faced. May the Lord bless him with wisdom and the strength to diligently carry out His instructions.