Goods Worth Billions Of Naira BURNT As Little Girl Deliberately Sets Abuja Supermarket On Fire [Video]

A young girl is accused of being responsible for the explosion that shook an Abuja shop a few weeks ago.

A CCTV video has now surfaced showing the unnamed lady purposefully turning on the gas burner at an Abuja Supermarket prior to the explosion.

In the footage, the lady can be seen feigning to pick something before turning on the gas burner and leaving empty-handed. The gas explosion occurred on Saturday, July 17, at the Supermarket in Abuja’s Lokogoma sector, and it was learned that firemen battled the flames till the next day.

As a result of the incident, goods worth millions of Naira were also damaged.

Instagram blogger, Tunde Ednut shared the video captioning;

Video has surfaced of the little girl that burnt down EBEANO SUPERMARKET. She said she watched it on TV and didn’t mean to. Wow! This is so sad. Millions got burnt down just like that? Caution your kids well parents. Caution them well. I hope EBEANO recovers from this as soon as possible. Sorry for the loss.

See reactions gathered from Nigerians;


Ya all have a CCTV and can’t employ someone to watch over it 247? This is really SAD💔 Kaii!!


This a witch craft … this is how it begins


This is evil ., teach your children oh if person pikin run me this kind street I go treat am like adult – I go jail the pikin till she turn 80 🏃🏾‍♂️


Haaa 😢😢 the little girl doesn’t look so little 😭 how can a girl have such a devilish mindset


This is so sad! I hope this little girl is somehow taught a lesson. Smdh


This is actually witch craft💔💔💔 how will we progress in this country with this wickedness thing 😢