How A Nigerian Man Living In The United Kingdom Underwent Surgery To Look Like A woman (Photos)

In today’s world, some people believe they were born in a different gender, resulting in gender identity disorder (a type of disorder in which a person believes their gender and identity are mismatched).

In Nigeria, transgender operations are still unusual. Nonetheless, some Nigerian men like Clifford Oche have risked their lives to look like women through surgery .

Clifford Oche populary known as Miss Sahhara hails from Benue state but was raised in the capital city of Abuja.Miss Sahhara used to love to dress up as a woman when she was a child, which caused her to feel confused and suicidal.

Miss Sahhara left Nigeria in 2004 to live in the United Kingdom, where she underwent cosmetic surgery to look more feminine, which she refers to as her “true-self.”

She was crowned Super Sireyna Worldwide for the first time on July 19, 2014, making her the first black transgender woman to win a global beauty contest.

Miss Sahhara currently has over 50,000 Facebook followers and has always been vocal about how happy she is now that she has realized her dream of becoming a woman.

At the time of creation, God created humans in two genders; however, many people around the world are changing their gender; do you think this is right?